Aragon Moto GP Race 2018

Alejandra Cabanas, Spain.

Jorge Lorenzo has called out at Moto GP rival Marc Marquez for “destroying” his race and causing the foot injury he sustained in his first-corner crash at Aragon.

Lorenzo started the race in first place, but in the first corner he crashed. He was maybe the favourite rider for this race, even if it is known that in the races anything can happen.

Lorenzo has defended that he crashed because Marquez did not give him any other choice. He actually didn’t go to the Moto gp direction to talk about what happened because, as he has said, he knew that apparently, at the outside of the race, it didn’t seem that it was Marquez’s mistake.

What Lorenzo had defended is that Marquez, the eventual race winner, ran wide in making the move and bogged down on a corner exit, immediately surrendering the lead to Andrea Dovizioso.

Lorenzo suffered a dislocated toe and a subcapital fracture of the second metatarsal on his right foot, and is not certain he will be fit for Thailand. So, this crash didn’t only cause the lose of points of Aragon’s race, and of course, the fracture, it would also mean losing the possibility of winning the World Champion Moto GP Cup.


In my opinion, I think that to say the accident was Marquez’s fault is not true. Though it’s true that Marquez arrived at the corner so fast, he in any moment didn’t caused Lorenzo to crash. Lorenzo had a failure opening the gas of the motorcycle in the corner, and that caused the crash. In any moment, Marquez’s intention was to throw Lorenzo out, that’s for sure. Moreover, Marquez, after all this happened, called Lorenzo to let him know his point of view of what happened. Lorenzo said that this act honors Marquez.

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