Girls Volleyball Teams

girls 5The girls volleyball teams of Santa 
Barbara are more succesful than in any 
other city in California!

The universities here in California are 
very famous for their succesfull students, 
and their different sports Leagues. 

Now we are going to talk about volleyball, but girl's teams.
The Santa Barbara Dons Girl’s Volleyball team has a rich history 
of tradition and championships. Follow all the action, including 
Channel League and CIF action, right here as the Lady Dons embark on 
another championship run.volley girls 2
Moreover, Santa Barbara High Girls Beach Volleyball Wins All-Channel League.
The Santa Barbara High Dons, who has lost only one match all season,
took the All-Channel League championship in May in girls beach 
The team was coached by incoming indoor varsity coach Ariana Garner,
and Anthony Medel as assistant coach who chose the best players through 
numerous physical tests every summer. Because of this, this team has many 
successes in all the leagues where they have played.

These girls train very hard every day, but they have fun too. They
are really good friends.The most important aspect for them is to spend a good time 
time together in their favourite sport. 

Therefore, their coaches teach them to have good discipline and consistency
in their training. "Teamwork is very important in this sport," says 
one of its coaches.

Thanks to the different leagues, they can travel to different cities every
weekend. So, it's a big opportunity for them to meet new people.

girls 3

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