Braveness for Imperfection

by Nina Brietzke, Germany

“To be brave enough to show your weakness”- this quote is seen very controversial and is interpreted differently by people. The opinions of “showing your weakness” are often negative, because it is incomplete and something is missing. I mean, nobody likes a blank between their teeth or a blank in the fence. Is this adage nothing else as a succession of words? Or should we focus on this proverb more often, especially in our private lives? Should we take this as advice in a world full of ideals and prejudices?

“Mom, I can’t study for this test, I’ll show my “braveness for imperfection” tomorrow. This sentence comes in mind first, when people think of the topic of imperfection, but it means so much more than just a lazy excuse. It means to be brave enough to try something new or to be brave enough to be yourself, which isn’t easy the whole time. It can also mean to accept the imperfection to be different from the others. Now one should already see the wideness of this topic and the most exciting thing is that every person in this world gets confronted with this- even if they don’t want to. After a short survey of some of my friends I found out, that this “blank” is mostly seen as positive.

A “blank” in your personality is such a normal thing and is even necessary, because of the uniqueness. These things only make us interesting- and they’re right. So this “blank” stands for the uniqueness or just for the imperfection. To be different from all the others is interpreted as a positive aspect.

But, if you look on this extensively, you will know that this isn’t very easy, especially school kids can be very harsh to other kids. The girl that colored her hair blue and cut it short is the one the others are laughing at and that is because she is different. To open your character to others and show your interests requires much braveness. It’s sad that young people in particular are being influenced by the fear of being different or being imperfect, but they should risk this fear to develop their own personality and not just be a copy of someone else’s characteristics.

To be brave enough to show your weakness could also mean to find out your sense of life without knowing about it before and just being open to what the future will offer you. These experiences can be the reason of growing up to become an independent person and they also form our character. So we become who we are – perfect with our own imperfections. So the “blank” can be so much more than the translation of imperfection or wasted time.

Everyone aims for Perfection

Whether at work or in your private life: everything around you seems to be perfect. Often women are under so much pressure because the environment expects them to be dressed to the nines, take care of their children and cook all the time after they cleaned the house. Moreover, they have to be in a good mood all the time and when the man comes home from work they are expected to take time for him because he had “such an exhausting day”. At the same time, most of these women forget about themselves. These women should definitely free themselves of some expectations in their environments and take care about how they see themselves.

Set Priorities

Showing the courage to be imperfect- in this case it means to focus on the things which are really important and also to be brave enough to say “no” to certain things which are unimportant. First, you have to ask yourself, if it’s important for you how many friends you have on Facebook! Or, is it more important for you to be seen as a perfect person?! No it’s NOT! It does not make anybody happy or even better.

The braveness of imperfection- one can look on it from different perspectives. You can either see this as positive or you could be negatively biased, but all in all every one of us has to show their “perfect imperfections” in certain situations of life. The truth about that is that we can accept our own mistakes. We can’t claim that the “braveness for imperfection” will be easy all the time.

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