fun things in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has a lot of beautiful places to see. The city has a lot of enchanting streets and little corners to watch the Hispanic architecture. In downtown Santa Barbara  has the busy state street wit a lot of stores you can buy a lot of things, there is also a open mall calls Paseo Nuevo, sometimes the give performances. If you keep walking down you will find a lot of niece restaurants and you can eat some really good Mexican food. When you keep walking at the and of the street their is the big beach with a big harbor and a pier. the pier is really long and has a lot of sea food restaurants, there is a lot of life there and the view is beautiful. Outside of downtown Santa Barbara there are beautiful parks to go to like the botanic garden. Of course the ar also other fun things outside of downtown like museums, zoo, hiking and a lot more. Santa Barbara is also really good located in California you can easily move trough the state.

Written by: Gabriela Lli Albert                                                                                                             From The Netherlands


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