Real life vs Social media

Serena Brassesco, Italy

Are we really the same person on social media as we are in real life? I ask myself this question everytime I scroll down my IG home page, looking at photos of my friends and internet influencers. It seems that everyone is living their best lives. And I wonder: “would people think the same looking at my profile?”

Maybe we hide ourselves behind a screen, deciding to share just our best traits, trying to be liked and appreciated by people we don’t know, or perhaps we post the memories we love the most, to have them imprinted into the web forever.

It’s obvious that everybody tries their best to show their followers how fun or exciting their daily lives are, and even if I do the same, I always make an attempt to be as consistent in my real and private life as in my on line life, because it’s useless to show ourselves as people we’re not, with the risk of meeting people thanks to our fake selves.

In conclusion, the desire, and maybe the need, to be appreciated by strangers can lead us to be the best version of ourselves, without all the aspects of our lives that we would like to erase.

I used to act like this, convincing myself that I could have been my best self in front of the public eye, but now I don’t care at all. Why should I be someone I am not?


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