Photography, a Breakthrough Technology In Art

Angele Dubos, France.

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”


Photography, one of the most breakthrough in technology, in society and in art’s movements. As a mirror to the world, Photography explores human, emotions. It captures or mark a passage of time. Developed in almost 200 years, it enhances faster than any other visual art. Plainly because its a blend between technology and art so between science and abstraction, reality and imagination, techniques and inspiration. In general speaking, Photography aims to capture the reality of everyday life, in parallel, its a fine art which requires time and attention.

This discipline, which has become an understanding of our world, is well spread, omnipresent, everywhere: in our smartphones, advertising, social media, streets… Then how do photography became so renowned and appreciate by everyone?

Photography taken shape when a Chinese photographer created the Camera Obscura, the first camera.  The main principle occurs when the image is projected through a screen which is a kind of mirror where the image is upside down.


Then, a lot of cameras, which I’m not going to listing for the reason that it’ll be so long, have roses so fast in our societies. Cameras had been through scientist’s hands and professionals in order to being more effective and obtain the more high performance between some well-known brands as Nikon, Canon.


Regarding as a art, this discipline navigates around genres, artists, themes, works and techniques. Sometimes similar to the art painting, Photography has followed mostly the art movement: Avant-Garde, Propaganda, contemporary art,  modernism, pointillism… On one hand, works are really studied by the artists towards the lights, the subject, the background, the meaning. On the other hand, some artist’s photographs are snapshot and have been captured in the right amazing moment.

However, some works are misleading as the The Kiss by the Hotel de Ville. Photographed by Robert Doisneau in Paris, this work is one of the most iconic of the 20th century. its reveals the love and romantic aspect that photography may have. Whereas, this photograph was actually all planned, all organized and everything you figure out is sets up, even the extras behind, the cars, and included the blurred background.


Photography concerns as well, Fashion, Photojournalism, War, Advertising, Death Nature, Nudes, Paparazzi and even more. That’s why I strongly suggest to buy and go over this book: The short story of Photography which redraws in an enjoyable and pleasant way the history of photography from the first movement until today.


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