Interview with Katharine Coenen from Germany

By: Marina Santos, Brazil




How old are you?   A: 24 years old.
What’s yor favorite food? A: Pizza.
What do you like to do in your hometown?  A: Hangout with friends, ride bikes and go to the gym.
What’s your favorite place here in SB? A: Steans Wharf, a pier with many restaurants.

Why did you choose SB to study? A: Because I love small cities and California is a  good location and the weather is nice.


Marina Botsch, Brazil

by Katharina Coenen


What kind of music is popular in your country?

It is Funk Music.

What is your favorite food ?marina botsch

I like Brazilian barbecue.

Do you have a brother or a sister ?

I have one brother his name is Lucas, he is nine years old and i have a sister her name is Carlina and she is twelve.

What are your hobbies ?

I like to hang out with friends, go shopping and watch movies on Netflix.

Which place in the world do you want to see ?

I have always wanted to see Greece, especially the beaches. They must be beautiful.


Interview of Maxime DELAERE

by Bettina Clauss, France

maxime delaere

What’s your favorite hobbies ?

His favorite hobbies are writing and swimmimg .

What’s your favorite meal ?


Do you have pets ?

One cat

Where do you like to travel ?

Fiji Island because the landscape are beautiful and it’s hot.

What type of music do you like listen to  ?

French Rap



Interview – Oscar Bonnave, France

oscar bennove

What is your favorite food? –> My favorite food is French food.
Do you have any pets? –> No, I do not have any pets. But I like cats and dogs.
What is probably the biggest cliché  in your country? –> That we eat bread every day.
What do you like the most about Santa Barbara? –> The beach is my favorite spot.
Why are you here? –> I am here in Santa Barbara to study and to have fun.

By Stella Rippe, Germany

Bettina Clauss , France


Do you have a pet ?
Yes my thoroughbred horse , two cats , and one fish

What is your favorite meal ?

What your favorite hobbies ?
horse jumping

What type of music do you listen ?
Techno , house

Why did you choose Santa Barbara ?
because of the sun and it’s s small city.

By Antoine Marotte from Belgium

Unexpected Start for my Language Stay

Sandra Wanner, Switzerland

On the airbus from LAX to Santa Barbara, these guys, Doreen and Evan, offered for me to sleep over the first night at their home. I had already arrived at LAX on Saturday and I could not go to my hostfamily until Sunday. I was talking to Doreen and Evan during the drive and they told me that they would like to be a hostfamily, but due to their travel schedule they could not. A few minutes later, I asked them for a cheap hotel in Santa Barbara. Then they recommended Hotel Skopp’s (which meant their own house). After thinking about it and a lot more talking, I took them up on their offer.

We had the best time playing music, tide pooling, looking for dolphins and grey whales, birds, having lunch at the Beachside, all in less than 24 hours. They made the start of my language stay perfect and I will never forget this experience!