Unexpected Start for my Language Stay

Sandra Wanner, Switzerland

On the airbus from LAX to Santa Barbara, these guys, Doreen and Evan, offered for me to sleep over the first night at their home. I had already arrived at LAX on Saturday and I could not go to my hostfamily until Sunday. I was talking to Doreen and Evan during the drive and they told me that they would like to be a hostfamily, but due to their travel schedule they could not. A few minutes later, I asked them for a cheap hotel in Santa Barbara. Then they recommended Hotel Skopp’s (which meant their own house). After thinking about it and a lot more talking, I took them up on their offer.

We had the best time playing music, tide pooling, looking for dolphins and grey whales, birds, having lunch at the Beachside, all in less than 24 hours. They made the start of my language stay perfect and I will never forget this experience!



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