Paseo Nuevo

by Romane Millet, Ines Lorand, Antoine Marotte and Bettina Clauss

  • Where is it ?

Paseo Nuevo is located in the downtown of Santa Barbara. The complete address is 651 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

  • What is it ?

This establishment is a shopping with a lot of brands like Sephora, Victoria Secret, Aveda and 50 more shops. There are also restaurants like Marketplace Café, Eureka, Gourmet Burgers, …

  • Who are the visitors ?

Paseo Nuevo is a familial place where you can go as well with your friends than your family. We observed that the average age was young.

  • How is the architecture there ?

It’s a modern place with white walls and red roofs inspired by Spanish Colonial. We feel when we walked there that there is a relaxing ambiance. It’s very chill.

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