Relationship between Smoking and Health

 by Hana Tanaka, Japan

 What do you think about tobbaco? I really hate them because they smell very bad. When I go past person who smoked, I can see through he or she is a smoker. I learned that tobacco is bad for the smokes as well as around the smokers when I was a junior high school student. Nevertheless, my boyfriend is a smoker. He smokes a pack of tobacco every day.

So I will survey about the relationship between tobacco and health.


 I surveyed smoking with these four questions.

1.Do you usually smoke?

2.How much tobacco do you smoke?

3.What do you think about the people who smoke?

4.Do you think that smoking is bad for your health?

I asked three people. Two of them are EF’s students and the other is the clerk of the sandwich shop in front of the EF.

The results are that three of them don’t smoke so they don’t like smell and they think that smoking is too bad. Also, I asked my boyfriend these questions. He said that he knows that smoking is bad for health but after smoking his mind will be clear so he can’t stop smoking.

This is the video about smokers. You will understand that smoking will increase the probability of death(mainly stroke in this video).

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