Ivana SOKO, France


Open since March 17 2016  in the 4th arrondissement of the capital, a new concept brings from London arrive in France; the first cereal bar, Céréaliste. Cerealiste is a groovy spot mixing food, art, music, and fashion. Located in the iconic Parisian neighborhood Le Marais.

Like his london brother,  Cereal killer cafe, and the brooklyn one Kith Treats,  the idea of Cerealiste is to be able to eat cereal at anytime time in a cool and cosy atmosphere.

whats special in eating Cereal ? we can say that it’s a funny, original and tasty way to eat your breakfast with them because of the composition that we consumer, choose. A lot of choice of milk (cow milk, almond milk, vanilla milk, chocolate milk, soy milk, oat milk etc…) cereals variety (chocapick lion, nesquick…) the possibility to add some topping (chocolate, caramel, honey ,whipped cream…) and even some extra like (fruits, Oreo, smarties, M&Ms peanut butter, nuts, kinder bueno…). They doing some collaboration with other restaurant and create together some unusual plate.

More than a place to eat, Cerealiste is also a place to chill alone or accompanied a cultural place little break that we can afford to yourself at  any time of the day.                    What seduces us for sure is the proximity that we can have with the founder who are also the seller who bring us in their universe. Street art, hip hop, hipster with a background  from the 90s you will enjoy your meal for sure with this new trendy way to eat your breakfast.

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