Vegan Foods You Should Try

By: Stina Bedin, Sweden

Have you ever had a really good vegan food experience? There is much uncertainty about vegan food and a lot of people just think it’s all about vegetables, but there is so much more. There are many new options that have been made to replace meat with something plant-based.

Vegan food is good for your health, the environment and, of course, the animals. So you should not be afraid to try something new.


  1. Oumph


What do you crave today? Are you up for some kebab or what about some pulled pork? Oumph can give you that! Oumph is a 100% plant based product that comes in a variety of shapes and consistencies.



  1. Falafel


If you like fried foods and haven’t tried falafel yet, its a must! These deep-fried chickpea balls have a tough and meaty texture. They´re delicious in a pita with veggies and hummus or baked and served together with fries.



  1. Date Balls


Date balls are the perfect snack when you are a little hungry or in the mood for something sweet. Theres a lot of different recipes on the internet and you can add whatever you like, for example, use dates as the base and mix with some raw cacao, coconut, cashew nuts, some salt and you have the perfect combination.



  1. Grilled Portabello Mushroom


Looking for something simple to make on your next barbecue? Then you have to try to grilled portabello mushrooms and make burgers out of them. By first marinating a portabello mushroom, and then grilling it, you can create a flavorful and awesome taste. Try it and you’ll love it.




  1. Almond Milk Latte


 Did you know that you can have a Cafe Latte made with almond milk at Starbucks? They are so goooood! It’s a good tip, especially if you like to add some flavour in your latte because the almond milk makes the coffee a bit sweet.




  1. Ben and Jerry’s Non Dairy Pints


Ben and Jerry’s non diary ice cream is made with almond milk and the taste is perfect. Why choose the one with cows milk when you can have the same flavour experience with a non-diary?


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