Hamburg – The Most Beautiful City in Germany

By Frauke Sindt, Germany    

If you ever travel to Germany, you have to go to Hamburg. The city at the waterside. The city with the musicals. The city in which everything goes slower and easier.


One of your first trips in Hamburg should be to the harbor. Go to the “landing pier” with its floating pontoons. Hamburg is truly unique. The small restaurants, shops and bars directly on the water are floating and so it not affected by the ebb and flow. If you love fish, you should go there for lunch. What you can also do there is a boot tour. So you can see the city from another perspective. You will traverse the harbor, the warehouse district and you will drive by the new Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic. You will see the city from another perspectiv and have a special view of it.

Near the harbor there is the symbolic St. Michael’s Church in Hamburg. The viewing platform can be reached on foot over 453 steps or by an elevator. On the top of the tower you have an amazing view over the harbor and the city.


If you want to have the chance to travel to hundreds of places in less than 10 hours, you have to go to the “Miniatur Wunderland”. There are buildings of many places from all over the world in miniature. If you want to get a better impression of the miniature world, check out this video.


After a long day in a wonderful city, the stomach announces itself towards evening. For dinner, you should definitely go to the “Portuguese Quarter”. There are many small restaurants with Portuguese food. Enjoy an evening with a good meal and a glass of wine.

The nightlife in Hamburg is not only St. Pauli with his “Reeperbahn”. With all the bar and clubs. It is the “red light district” of Hamburg and known worldwide. Not everybody likes it. For all the other people who do not like to stay there, Hamburg has many other possibilities. You can also enjoy a evening at one of the musicals like “The Lion King”. There are lot of bars, restaurants and clubs in the other quarters.

Enjoy your stay in Hamburg!

By Frauke Sindt, Germany

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