Fairtrade Products

By Esperanza Ortiz, Chile



Fairtrade is an organization, whose products are made by companies who care about the right of industry workers and also about the product itself.


Fairtrade products are made by workers with reasonable hours of work, as well as  kind and  good treatment of all the people who work there. These products are made in an pleasant environment by employers who aren’t exploited and are willing to work.

Moreover, fairtrade products are produced by small businesses, which suffer from economic problems, mostly because they are marginalised by conventional trading systems and big companies. The organization “Fairtrade International”  lends them money in order that the small business owners can sell and work for themselves. When one of the  businesses starts making money, it has the obligation of paying the money  back to The Fairtrade organization.

For that reason and because of the resonable salaries, Fairtrade products are more expensive. Paying more for Fairtrade products is totally worth it because you are saving yourself, your world, and industry workers. Besides it’s good for you and your health because the origin of the product you are buying is really important.
Nowadays there is a new thought which says that products can absorb energies. For example, if you buy something you are going to eat and it is made or harvested with machines or by tired, upset or mad people you are ingesting their bad energy.

For that reason, I’m sure that Fairtrade products are better than regular products for the buyer. Spending more money by buying Fairtrade products is not a waste. Also it’s a good cause for the world. The only way to end poverty in our world is by allowing poor people to earn money. If we continue supporting big companies, we are aiding  only a few businessman in our world who sell and earn tons of money while almost half of the population are poor consumers. That’s why by buying Fairtrade products we are helping tiny businesses and by doing that we are ending poverty.

Furthermore, Fairtrade products are good and necessary because they are making a difference. They respect workers and treat them nicely, which is something every single company should do. You never know, maybe someday you will have to become an industry worker, or  your kids. It is not fair that people who don’t have the opportunity of choosing where they want to work are forced to spend their lives working too hard and not been well paid. This is simply inhuman.  We have to support Fairtrade products so we help to grow the world’s economy and the health of buyers and producers.


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