The Power of Social Media in the Life of Girls


Eliska Hojgrova, Czech republic

Our lives are full of media. Media are playing big and an important role in our life. People spend very long time on social media, watching TV or reading magazines

We spend several hours watching TV. All those ads, TV shows, movies and news. Every day we are influenced by media. When we wake up we usually take phone and start scrolling thought our Facebook feed or Instagram feed or even twitter. Or we take magazine or newspaper.

Magazines like Teen Vogue or pictures on Instagram are big problem of female readers. We can see tall, skinny girls with perfect skin, perfect hair, and especially on Instagram we can see “perfect life” that deeply influencing most of young girls. Girls are spending several hours on Instagram watching perfect models with great life they can feel insecure about their bodies.

This year lot of clothing brands or even girls on Instagram with lot of followers started lot of projects about self-love and let them know that every body shape is perfect and that you don’t have to be skinny to be pretty and feel confident. For example project from American eagle. They made campaign and they talking about that they don’t use Photoshop on their models


The Photoshop free campaign #ICAN for fall 2017 denim collection with models like Iskra Lawrence, model and actor  Amanda Steele or professional basketball player Brandon Ingram. I’m really glad, that celebrities and media are trying to help those girls or even boys who are insecure about their body. Because no one in perfect.



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