The Impact of Social Media in 2017


By Hugo Martinez, Mexico.

As many of us may know, digital has grown potentially since year 2000. Millenial generation is here to change the way advertising has been made the last five decades.

Most popular social media ‘‘Facebook’’ increased its population drastically, from 2004 to 2006 in almost 9000% This year Facebook reached 1.86 billion active users becoming the most used social media on planet earth period. With that said we can get an idea of how many people is using this social network on daily basis. Marketing companies, had put their eyes into the digital market and internet users.

Weather it’s fashion or food or new products, in 2016 marketing companies invested 1.2% more on digital publicity rather then ”old fashioned” advertising (TV, Radio & propaganda). It might seem really little when it comes to percentage but talking in millions, 1.2% represents more than 54.6 million dollars.

Social media its a MUST nowadays but, like all media forms it has its strengths and weakness, social media users can get really judgmental, there’s been campaigns that have been retired from every site they were advertised on, such is the case (lately) with Kendall Jenner and Pepsi, there’s no sign of that campaign on the internet because it was racist according the media users.

For us, the MILLENIAL generations social media could become a full time work, from influencers to bloggers, you can always make an income involving social media. from YouTube to Instagram to Facebook and twitters, there’s always a way to use the social media to make some money, It’s not only about sharing pictures and liking photos, but a growing business, social media is definitely the future advertising.


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