Haunted House in Puerto Montt, Chile

Since the 8th of February, a family in the city of Puerto Montt, located in the southern part of Chile, is living a real nightmare. The southern part of that country is known by its many stories and legends, like: El  Trauco, a beast that kidnaps women, take them to the forest, to finally leaves them pregnant, or El Caleuche, a haunted pirate boat, with a ghost crew. The local people say that if you see it, (happens rarely) bad lucks comes into your life.




Mostly of the southern citizens know this story, but ignore them. It was a real surprise when this family in Puerto Montt called the police officers with a haunted house problem. The police in Chile, called by the name of Carabineros de Chile, came into the house and reported: windows broken when they entered, flying furniture(See the Conjuring if you don’t understand that expression), and a burning mattress when the house was empty(they saw the smoke from outside). Of course, the police officers left the house immediately after these events. The Captain of the Puerto Montt police station said to the media that it was a “diabolic presence”.


The local citizens, terrified about all these events, called a priest for him to bless the house and repel all the “dark forces” that wander around the house. One of the kids living there entered with the priest to the house and recorded a video of a furniture suddenly falling down just in the priest location. Hopefully, they noticed and successfully dodged it (Watch the video). In the recording you may see the priest terrified about all those paranormal issues and refuses to make any declaration after he finished the job.


The police officers, once outside, made the 100% sure declaration that the house was haunted. Also, they testified about things very similar to the video of the furniture suddenly falling down: flying knives chasing them, furnitures burning alone, etc. The press media arrived to the place of the facts, and now it is known around all of Chile and every part of the world. Even here in Santa Barbara, California, I have hear classmates talking about that, not only Chileans, even Europeans!.




These events happen rarely but, make us think about their probabilities of being true. There will always  be sceptical people who do not believe in that, but the videos and the testimonies prove they are there. Its your choice to believe it or not. Personally, I’m a Catholic person, so I believe in demonic presence and also in the demons.













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