by Ana Sattler, Germany

nancyNancy Peridier is a 17 year old girl from Montpellier, France.She has a half-brother who is 33 years old. Besides her family owns a dog and a cat. In her free time Nancy likes to read, spend time with her friends and to do some shopping in the city. In addition she loves to travel: she has already been to England, Germany, Whales, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and the USA.

Nancy arrived in Santa Barbara in September and will stay here until March. After her stay in the United States she will change her destination to Berlin, Germany where she is going to study until May. Besides French she knows how to speak English and German but wants to improve her language skills during her EF Gap Year.

Since she arrived in SB she already traveled to LA and visited the amusement park “Six Flags” which she liked a lot.

After returning back home Nancy is going to spend the summer with all her friends, before she will start University next fall. Nancy would like to study languages since she wants to work abroad in her future.

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