Interview With Kelly Taramarcaz, Switzerland

Annabelle Hoogakker, The Netherlands

Kelly Taramarcaz:kelly

Do you have siblings?
She has one little brother

What is the nicest thing you can do in your city?
Shopping, to drink with friends

What do you think about Santa Barbara?
It’s a beautiful city but a little bit small

What is your favorite color?
Her favorite color is pink.

Who is your favorite artist?

What would be the last thing you would do before you die?
To hold up a bank

What is the thing you are most ashamed of you have ever done?
She is ashamed of her ex-boyfriend.

What was the strangest punishment you parents ever gave you?
Her parents never gave her a punishment.

What is the man of your dreams like?
Nekfeu. He has to be a bad boy with a small heart.

If you could be anyone in history, who would it be?
Marilyn Monroe


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