‘I study. I learn. I like discussing with people. In all countries where I go, I meet new people.’ This Prince quotation is like me. Thanks to EF, I have met new people. First, I have met my host family. They are adorable with me, interesting and they behave like a family, like I’m part of their family. Then I have met new students, new friends from different countries all around the world. I have learned about many cultures and I have a more open mind.


Do you know this quotation: ‘Staying where you are, is existing, traveling is living’? I love traveling around the world, discovering new countries, new cultures, learning new languages… I have the feeling that is important to change our habits, to live to discover the world and explore what we are interested in. I enjoy seeing new landscapes. I want to make more memories to remind me when I am old, and then I could tell stories to my grandchildren.

Old vintage compass on ancient map


  Laurie RUYET, France

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