By Lily Pham, Vietnam

Halloween is celebrated throughout the world, with different cultures celebrating in a variety of ways. On the other hand, in my country, Vietnam, Halloween is quite a brand new holiday which has been imported from U.S culture in recent years. There are just a very few tedious activities taking place on Halloween’s Eve just for kids and teenagers. Parents dress up for their kids in a limited number of Halloween costumes and wander around town.


The way Americans celebrate was really surprising to me and it was an eye-opener. Irrespective of sex and age, everyone from old to young eagerly rush to the streets with a variety of costumes full of colors and characters, such as Zombies, Cinderellas, the tape faces, and Spidermen. What impressed me was the kids dressed up in adorable costumes, carrying pumpkin bags, being watched over by their parents as they went trick or treating door to door.

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