Sonja Kappler, Germany

Halloween today is all about scary costumes, crazy parties and candies. All around the world people go out and children walk around the streets asking for a “trick or treat”.  But most people don´t know why we even celebrate Halloween on October 31.

Over 2000 years ago people, who are called the Celts, lived in today´s Ireland and parts of Northern France. November first was their New Year’s Day and they believed that on that day the living and death came together.

More than 1000 years ago the Christian named November the first “All Saints Day” also which later changed to “Allhallows”. They celebrated the day to honor saints and other people who died for their religion.

The night before Allhallows was called “Hallows Eve” which is today´s “Halloween”.

People also believed that the spirits of the death visit the earth on Halloween and that also evil spirits would hurt them or cause problems.

As a result they dressed up as ghost or other evil creatures so that the spirits think they are also dead and that they won´t hurt them.

tpm_zombiegraveyardcombined   child-bleeding-ghost-face-costume1

The tradition of Halloween was carried to America by the European immigrants and America is now known for celebrating Halloween the most.

Today Halloween is not a religious holiday anymore, but it´s a great day on which all generations come together to celebrate and to have fun. It is also a great family holiday because parents visit pumpkin patches with their kids and crave the pumpkins they picked.

jackolanterns-carved-pumpkins download-1 544_pumpkin_patch_2015_wilton_manors

So go out, dress up and have fun on Halloween to scare and ban all the bad spirits!


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