Santa Barbara Harbor

Larissa Kunz, Germany

If you travel to Santa Barbara, you should visit the harbor. The harbor of Santa Barbara lies at the end of West Beach on California’s Pacific coast. Almost a hundred years ago when a Santa Barbara resident wanted to keep his yacht closer to home, the harbor began.







Nowadays it is one of the major tourist attractions in Santa Barbara including Stearns Wharf, fishing, shops, restaurants and the Yacht Club.

From there, many ships depart to the California Channel Islands. You can take off to go whale watching, rent a jet ski, a boat or charter a yacht, if your budget allows it.







In my opinion,Stearns Wharf is one of the most beautiful locations in town. From the end of the pier you can see the beach with its palm trees and white beach. You can lie on the beach between Stearns Wharf and the harbor and when you look at either side you have an amazing view of the coastline of Santa Barbara.


If you love the sea, this will be the place to go.


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