Make Time For Yourself

By Maria Paula Volker, from Argentina.



Have you ever thought in make a time for you in the day to relax, to think about you? Just imagine what things would you like to do in this time and imagine how would you feel after doing this. It is amazing believe that with a simple time we can feel really harmonized.

The greatest of people spend of lot of their time living on the run, trying to get on time all the activities, work, home and satisfy others but hardly ever make time to be alone and do the things that we indeed enjoy.


The first thing that you have to do, is to book in you schedule a time during the day and think the place where you would like to go and the things that you would like to be doing, regardless of what timetables of the gym or any sport. I consider that, although , this is something that improve the health and that it cause welfare state but make a time for you to doing nothing you feel good the mind and spirit.

Then you only have to relax and enjoy the moment and have on hand something to write about the things, wishes and projects that came to mind.

It seems to me that all people should make time for themselves because I think that this way, you get to know yourself and will have a more clear mind to continue your routine, make good decisions and love yourself.


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