10 Things To Do In Montreal

by Melodie Sanscartier

from Canada

1. Climb up the Mont-Royale: It’s a beautiful little mountain. It’s free and it gives you an amazing view of Montreal city. On the top of the mountain there’s the Mountain Royal Cross and it’s an historic monument. The mountain hosts on its slopes important institutions such as l’Oratoire St-Joseph (the biggest church in Canada) and 2 big universities (The University of Montreal and the University of McGill).

mont royale

2. Eat a national meal call Poutine: This meal is very popular in Montreal and many restaurants are offering it. The meal is made with fries, cheese and brown gravy. Here are the top 5 places to eat it in the city: 1. La Banquise 2. Au Pied de Cochon 3. Frite Alors 4. The Green Spot 5. Garde Manger 6. Poutineville


3. Visit Basilique Notre-Dame: It’s a pretty church with lots of gothics ornate facades. Its interior is big and colorful. It’s an unusual church but it is really impressive and beautiful. That’s also where Celine Dion got married J. It’s the mother church of Montreal. The basilica is now charging visitors for admission unless they are there to attend the mass, its $5 CAD. There is also a show about the history of the basilica presented. Tuesday through Saturday, tickets are $10 for adults (18+), $9 for seniors and $5 for young adults and children.

basilique n-d

4. Old Port of Montreal: It’s a popular complex with shops, restaurants and activities with a beautiful view. It’s today a recreational and historical area. It offers a variety of events like the Montreal Center of Science with an IMAX Theater, a place where every 2 years the Cirque du Soleil is performing, festivals, etc.

port de mtl

5. Montreal’s Casino: Canada’s largest casino, an iconic space. It’s located on Notre-Dame Island in Montreal. It opened on October 9, 1993. The Casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to people that are 18 or older. The Casino contains four restaurants, three bars, a cabaret, and meeting and banquet facilities. It’s a non-smoking place since July 2003.


6. La Ronde: Amusement park that presents fireworks once a week in the summer. It has a lot of roller coasters. It’s the largest in Quebec and it’s located on Saint-Helen’s Island. The entrance cost $44.99 CAD for people measuring 1.37 m or more and $32.50 CAD for people measuring less than 1.37 m. Someone under the age of 2 has a free admission. Family rides require a height of 0.91m, intermediate rides require a height of minimum 1.12m and high-thrill rides require a height of 1.32-1.37m

la ronde

7. Centre Bell: It’s a sport and entertainment complex. It opened on March 16, 1996. The big stadium is also known as the home of the Canadian hockey league, the Montreal’s Canadian. It’s also a place where music events and shows are presented.

centre bell

8. Musée Grévin: it is a museum filled with known characters made of wax.It’s a really fun activity to do. It opened July 17th, 2013. It’s located at the 5th floor of the Eaton Center in Montreal. There are more than 120 wax characters like Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson and more.

musee grevin

9. Rue Saint-Catherine:It’s a street full of energy with shops everywhere. It’s located in Downtown Montreal. It’s an open air shopping area.

rue st-cath

10. The Olympics Stadium:It’s where the 1976 Olympics took place. It’s an historic place that is now use by everybody for sports and activity like Color Me Rad (a 5K run where volunteers throw paint on you every 1K). His nickname is the “Big O”.

stade olympic

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