Interview to Luara Garcia

1.What is your name?
Her name is Luara Garcia

2. How old are you?

She is Fourteen years old

3. Where do you from?
She lives in Brazil in Bahia state in Trancoso city

4. Do you have pets?
She has 2 dogs; their names are Tob and Champito

5. Do you have sisters or brothers?
She has 1 sister and she is thirteen years old

6. What is your favorite hobby?
She loves cooking, because it’s fun and it’s healthy

7. What is your favorite color?
Her favorite color is white, because it’s clean

8. What is your favorite country?
Her favorite country is Brazil, because it’s a simple country

9. What is your favorite movie?
Her favorite movie is Harry Potter, because she’s a fan of Harry Potter and read all
the books

10. What is your favorite sport?
Her favorite sport is tennis, because it’s fun and need her to pay attention

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