Charline Cammers is from Belgium and 21 years old. She will stay in Santa Barbara until May.

She started her academic year after she had finished her studies at the university. She did her graduate degree in teaching at the elementary school level, but she now is trying to find something different because she does not want to be a teacher anymore. Children can be very exhausting. In her free time, she likes to draw, especially women. She also used to play basketball, but she had to quit because of her studies. Charline is a very nice and warm hearted person.

According to her, the most disgusting food she has ever eaten was in Santa Barbara. She really does not like white beans.  Her weirdest travel destination so far was also in the United States as well, San Francisco. She thinks the roads there a very different because they are so steep and unusual. She thinks that this is crazy.

The hardest decision she ever had to make was probably to leave her family and friends and move to Santa Barbara for eight months. We think that was a hard decision for all of us. Her most impressive adventure so far was related to her academic year. Leaving her family and friends and taking the long flight alone to come to the United States was not easy. She was afraid to miss the plane or that no one would pick her up from the airport and she would not know where she was going as well. Everything was different as she expected it to be.

By Ute Weidinger, 18, Germany

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