Who Is the Greatest Athlete of All Time?


By Dorian Grenson, Belgium

The 31-year-old football pro smashed goal-scoring records, won the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or award for the world’s best player, captained his native Portugal into the World Cup, and led his professional team, Real Madrid, toward an unprecedented 10th European title in the Champions League.


For me he is the  best ever because he works harder than everyone else. He trains for two more hours a day than his teammates and he lives a healthy life. He trains in his home, lifting weights. He uses a bicycle in a pool to train harder in order to be stronger. A famous trainer says that when Cristiano was really young that he knew that by the way Ronaldo trained he would be the best in the world and he is. He has broken a lot of records. He has been voted the best player in the world three times winning the Ballon d’Or. He has the record for the most goals scored in the European Champion Leagues.

He is thirty-one years old, which is old for a professional football player, but he still at the top of his game, scoring a lot of goals.


He doesn’t drink alcohol because his father was an alcoholic and died when he was young. So he decided to never drink a single glass of alcohol ever in his life. He doesn’t smoke either.


He has no tattoos on his body which is very rare in the professional football world. He keeps his body clean and respects himself.


He works to control everything he can so that he is in optimum form.

He makes a lot of charitable donations. He is very generous with his money and time. For example, a child who was very sick and needed an expensive surgery was paid for by Ronaldo because the child’s parents couldn’t afford it.


For me he is a great example. He had a poor childhood and despite that he became the man that he is today.




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