Culture Awareness

 By Maria Villarejo from Paraguay.

 Being here in Santa Barbara learning a new language, meeting new people, and getting to know different cultures can be a big challenge for some. Coming to an EF institute means leaving behind all our previous thoughts and normal lives at home. It opens our minds to experience new things with new people.

   EF introduces you to a whole new life; by the time you are here you do not realize that you are sharing personality characteristics and values with others. I believe that we, EF students, will go back home different that the way we came.

   People said that when someone travels she/he returns home different than the way she/he left. In my case, I think that phrase will be applied a hundred percent. I am not just learning English, but I am also learning different ways of living from others. When I am talking about “ways of living” I mean not only the different language or culture, but also about the way people behave in variety of situations, what they eat and their characters.

   Something I learned here in Santa Barbara is not to judge from the physical appearance or the home country. Stereotypes should not be applied to everyone. Your opinion should depend on the character of the person. Sometimes the people you least expect become your friends and you end up spending most of your free time here with them.

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