Northem California: Big Sur

By Maria Reyes Gherardelli , Chile

Big Sur is a lightly populated region of the Central Coast of California where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean. This awesome place is located four hours by car from Santa Barbara and that means you can go just for the day.

When I went there, we started our trip at 9 AM and on the way we visited Solvang and San Simeon. If you are planning to go to Big Sur, you have to research the weather forecast otherwise you may just see fog.

It is amazing how great you feel there, I felt super relaxed and I was impressed with the beautiful view.

Although we had a little bit of rain, that wasn’t a problem because we were able to see a rainbow in the sky.

*The construction of Highway One in the 1930s transformed Big Sur, making it accessible to all the people.

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