Consequences of the Phenomenon El Niño in South America

Maria Ines Villarejo from Paraguay

              As everybody knows El Niño is a phenomenon that causes intense rains. Since last year some countries of South America are facing this. When I say some countries I’m talking about Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. I am from Paraguay and my country at this moment is having a lot of problems because of this phenomenon.

                Since last year the rain has not stopped. At the minimum it rains two or three times a week. In the beginning, I thought that this would have a positive impact, meaning that the agriculture will increase and yes that happened but problems happened, too.

                The Paraguay River has been increasing since El Niño started. In my country, poor people live on the shore of the river in small and poor houses the majority of them made by straw. So now all this area is flooded and almost one hundred thousand people have been evicted from their houses and they are living in the streets and parks.

                The people in my country that are not affected by the flooding try to help to the poor people by giving food, clothing and a place to live temporally. However, there is not much to do because the rain does not stop and the floods either.


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