How a Body Moves

The Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art gives their space to the visual arts exhibition “Dancing Museum”

Arthur Henrique Ribeiro da Costa – Brazil


The São Paulo Museum of Modern Art is getting ready to show the “Dancing Museum”. The exhibition brings 38 works in the collection that is integrated in the choreographic world, exploring aspects of our bodies as movement elements. Also, the masterpieces are exploiting all the space in the room, as if they were “dancing” to the appreciation of the observers.

For their selection, the meeting between Felipe Chaimovich, curator of MAM and Inês Bogéa, director of the São Paulo Dance Company, resulted in a new experience to try other ways to be physically in a museum. The connection with dance and how the body is present in the space is the great attraction of the set. According to Geise Reis, 26, a team member of the museum, “we don’t want you to be stopped. In all the museums, you have to follow a certain sequence of screens on the wall, but not here. The works are all around the space, making the visitor to move like in a dance” says Geise, who guides the public all around the area all week.

MOM Photo 6

The arrangement of parts in the Great Room of MAM is distributed according to dance fundamentals. In three areas, choreographic principles as gravity, balance and fluctuation, respectively, are shown through studies that, depending on the situation, require the participation of viewers, making them stepping barefoot in green and yellow scales or flipping giant book pages. The interactivity that the exposition provides is a differential which made the Argentine Mariana Iriberne, 25, come to Brazil: “I love modern art and (interactivity) is curious, if not funny. These masterpieces make us feel comfortable as they enter in our feelings, making us become relaxed as we move from one space and another”, said the web designer in his first time in Brazil.

MOM Photo 12

To give a final touch to the work, the São Paulo Dance Company performs in some presentations throughout the month, offering some worskhops to the visitor and interacting with the works of the museum. Coordinated by choreographer Clébio Oliveira and the dancer Rafael Gomes, the performances leave all perplexed, from adults to children. The art teacher Luciana Amaral God, 43, took her class to appreciate the work, making her student perplex by the art demonstrated in the museum: “It is important stimulate the culture”, said the teacher of Pueri Domus school.



MOM Photo 2

Art’s pioneers of Brazilian’s kinetic art, Abraham Palatnik and Hélio Oiticica, worldwide recognized artists are in the exhibition. Haruka Kojin, Sergio Camargo and other great talents are also there as well. Dancing Museum extended until January 15. The ticket costs 6 reais and the entrance is free on Sundays.



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