2016 New Year, New Experiences

By Maria Villarejo – Paraguay

It is difficult to realize that tomorrow is starting another New Year. 365 new days to meet new people and to know new places. However, it is hard for me spend this night here in the United States without my parents but is a new experience and that is always good.

This year I am not sure what my expectations are and neither what I want to do yet. Maybe during these next three months that I will still be here I will take advantage of the opportunities and I will visit new places in California.

When I return to home I have to go back to school, so I suppose this New Year I would do the same things I always do… Go to school, play sports, study English and French, and spend time with family and friends.

But I also think that when I return to home my life is going to be kind of different because of this experience that I am having right now, meaning that being here at my age, 16, without my parents has caused me to be more independent and to see things with a different point of view.

Finally I guess my 2016 will be a year with surprises because of what I have learned here in Santa Barbara.


2016 New Year

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