Top 5 Coffee Shops in Santa Barbara

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Santa Barbarahandlebar-coffee-roasters

By Sandra Schoeni, Switzerland

Handlebar – It’s always crowded but it’s very nice there and the coffee is good. You’ll get a real cup not just these usual take-away cups. Handlebar is off of State Street, on 128 E Canon Perdido Street.

Peet’s – It’s similar to Starbucks. The coffee is good but not something special. You can find a Peet’s store on upper State Street 3905 or Downtown, 1131 State Street.

French Press – For coffee with no additional flavors French Press is simply the best. They take their time to decorate your coffee with hearts. The stamp on their take-away cups makes them unique. The French Press is located at 1101 State Street.

Coffee Cat – For take-away Coffee the coffee cat is good. The coffee shop itself is not nicely decorated so it’s not a place to stay for a long time, but the coffee is delicious J you can find the coffee cat next to the court house on 1201 Anacapa Street.

Santa Barbara Roasting Company – The shop isn’t that big but the coffee is really good. There you can find flavors you‘ll never find anywheree else. The cups have the logo of the company, which is very nice. They look lovely J the Santa Barbara Roasting company is at 321 Motor Way.coffecat


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