I interviewed Annemieke with some unusual questions. She is from Zuid-Holland Netherlands. She is 19. She was easy to talk to. She is so nice!


Where is the farthest you have travelled from your country?

This is here, Santa Barbara. She had never gone out of Europe before coming here, but she has been to many countries, for example, France, Spain, Germany, and  Belgium. I have never been to Europe. So I really envy her. She said it was big step to come to the USA. And now she really wants to go to Australia, but she has no specific places she wants to go to.




What do you think is most attractive about Santa Barbara?

It is the weather, the beach, and especially the sun. In her country now, it is always raining, sometimes for whole months at a time. The weather in Santa Barbara is perfect for her. When she arrived here, she was impressed with it. She is staying for 3 months. So she really wants to go to travel around California. She especially wants to go to San Francisco now. She wants to see the beautiful views there. She is going to book travel with EF because during this week, the price will be discounted. I also want to go there. So I heard some good information.  I hope her trip will be good for her.


What would you want to do if you were a man?

She would want to spend a normal life such as wearing clothes for men, walking, speaking among guys friends. Just those  to do those things would be a cool experiences, but she actually doesn’t have many ideas because she had never thought this.






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