Food Vs Fashion

by Caterina Ciabatti

Foods and fashion are two different realities that collaborate every day.

lobster dress

Pioneer of the fashion inspired by food is the stylist Elsa Schiaparelli, who presented the “lobster dress” in the summer of the 1937. This was a very simple white evening dress with a big red lobster printed on by Salvador Dali. From this moment foods becomes a fabulous inspiration for the fashion’s world.

The biggest designers of the fashion industry always take their inspiration from food.

One of the most important is the genius Jeremy Scott, who realized, for his debut with Moschino’s griffe, an incredible collection based on the McDonald’s icon. It’s a big provocation for the fashion system that he called “Fast Fashion-Fast Food”.

Instead very sweat is the Manish Arora’s collection, which was inspired by cupcakes. Manish AroraShe prints many delicious cakes on her dresses and the result is very funny and ironic. The Queen of pop music, Katy Perry, wears her creations.

Dolce e Gabbana

Also Dolce&Gabbana are inspired by the nature of Sicily, with particular attention to lemons. That’s the symbol of Sicily, and all of us know how very important it is for these two extraordinary stylists.

Not only the biggest designers of the fashion world are impressed by food, also every one of us is influence by it.

Gretchen Roehrs 1

Especially on the web, people love fashion and food. So we can find some special blogs like the one of Gretchen Roehrs. She creates special prints using fruits and vegetables, and the result is very funny and original.

Gretchen Roehrs 2On the other side, normal people start using their smartphone to take fantastic photos of their meals.

Every one of us, every days, eats that’s for sure! But sometimes it’s more important to order beautiful dishes than good one. That’s because we have to post it.

Food must be more colorful than healthy;

So we have to order fabulous dishes, with many colors and the most different form and presentations.

eat is cool


Butterfly Beach

Pia Brandt, Germany

A delightful quarter-mile-long beach sits right at the foot of the Biltmore Hotel and Coral Casino. There is plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sun and surf or to take a walk in either direction at low tides along the Butterfly Beach.

This maybe Santa Barbara’s most elegant beach. The long sea wall is topped by imposing cliffs and tall palms blow back and forth in the breeze. You can lay down in the fine sand and enjoy the sun and the lovely smell of the ocean.

A half mile of open beach leads towards East Beach. There are a series of cliffs along the way, rocky outcrops where you can find a more private place. At low tides you can find a lot of seashells, some of them are really special and look gorgeous.


But you have to be careful because, if the tide comes up, you have to go back to the beach. If the water is too high, you can’t go back and it’s possible you can become surrounded by water within minutes. But, at lower tides, you can also go all the way down to the volleyball courts or the Cabrillo Bath House, which has a very nice outdoor cafe.

Another positive aspect is that people are allowed to bring their dogs with them to Butterfly Beach.


If you are interested in sports and you like to go jogging, Butterfly Beach is also perfect because the sand is not too soft to walk or run on so it is really enjoyable to go jogging on the sand. The view over the ocean is wonderful so you can call it jogging with a view. Butterfly Beach offers many possibilities to have a great day.

All in all I can say that Butterfly Beach is my favorite beach because I can calm down  completely while I lay down in the sand and can “recharge” my energy for the next day.  I also love the ocean. The sound of the waves and the salty smell is gorgeous. When you are in Santa Barbara you should go and visit Butterfly Beach. When you visit it once you may never want to leave it again.