Music In France

Lucas, France

We are at the end of the year, and it’s time for Spotify, the streaming platform of music to reveal the name of the artists the most listened to this year in France. Without surprise, rap, and especially French rap, is almost all you can see in this ranking.

Top 20 of the artists the most streamed in France in 2018:

  1. Damso
  2. Ninho
  3. Jul
  4. Vald
  5. Dadju
  6. Booba
  7. Maître Gims
  8. XXXTentacion
  9. PNL
  10. Drake
  11. Sofiane
  12. Niska
  13. Orelsan
  14. Moha La Squale
  15. Lartiste
  16. David Ghetta
  17. Aya Nakamura
  18. Lomepal
  19. Kaaris
  20. Marwa Loud


The rapper from Belgium, Damso, led the ranking this year with his third album “Lithopedion” which broke the record of listening for an album at 61 million of plays. We have to wait until the 16th place to see something else other than rap. It’s David Guetta, the French DJ popular internationally. One thing surprising on this list is that there are only two international artists, who are the two rappers, XXXTentacion and Drake, respectively 8th and 10th in the ranking.

For the past few years, urban music is more and more popular in France. More than number one, even in the top 20 of the singles the most played, where only Vianney, Dua Lipa and Marshmello find a place in this ranking mostly dominated by the rap. “Désaccordé” by Vald lead this top



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